The Value of Content Marketing

Learn why content marketing works

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The center of all marketing efforts is engagement. When a potential customer interacts with your brand, you are building a relationship. Content marketing is an unsung hero in building organic traffic and brand awareness. Interesting and informative articles that stand out from the crowd thanks to their relevance and value help establish the groundwork for a relationship with customers.

Essential Marketing Services Include High-Value Content

Over the last decade, there has been a paradigm shift from product-centered marketing to customer-centered marketing. One of the best ways to create a cohesive marketing plan that centers on a target audience is to create targeted content that fulfills a need for the customer.

Blog articles, newsletters, and social media posts boost the ROI for digital marketing. The greatest goal in advertising is to convince us to take action. Whether your services or products fulfill a want or a need, informed consumers rely on content to make buying decisions.

Before content marketing, some complex industries and services struggled with marketing. Some products and services do not fit neatly into a logo or a 30-second ad. With content marketing, combined with savvy SEO, target audiences can now be connected with the goods and services they need.

Learning How to Create Consistent Content

Content marketing is crucial because it allows businesses to build trust, improve conversions and develop relationships with a target audience. Today’s customers expect high-value, consistent content from trusted sources.

Consistency is crucial to building a brand message and will play a critical role in the success of a business. Big brands have consistent messaging at every customer touchpoint, but smaller players can accomplish the same thing. Consistent content establishes credibility and authority, bolstering the reputation of a business.

The Benefits of Content Marketing

Expertly crafted content designed for your target audience will create a positive experience for customers, compelling them to revisit your site time and again. It allows you to capture the attention of your audience and reinforce a positive impression.

Other benefits of consistent content marketing include:

  • Traction on social media — If you have a decent following on social media but see few conversions, it is time to evaluate the content you are offering. Quality content designed to meet a need, or provide a service, will organically gain traffic on social media, allowing your marketing dollars to stretch further.

Social Media MarketingLooking forward to

  • Content marketing generates leads. When your audience finds your content when searching for an answer or advice, they are more likely to purchase from you in the future. Calls to action (CTA) placed in your content often generate new leads.
  • Content drives SEO, making your business more visible. A content marketing strategy should include research and a plan to help improve your ranking in the search engine result pages (SERP). There are numerous benefits to working with a content provider skilled in all aspects of content creation and SEO to boost traffic to your site.
  • Content improves conversions. Well-designed content helps your audience connect with your business and provides the information that today’s conscientious consumers expect to make educated purchasing decisions.
  • Content is one of the best tools available to establish credibility and authority. Establishing your website as a reliable source for credible information will also improve the SEO of your site, funneling more traffic your way.

Which Departments Should be Involved in Creating Content

Whether you create your marketing content in-house or outsource it to an agency or freelancer, you may be surprised to learn that virtually every department in your organization should be involved in the content creation process. To drive conversions, the content on your site needs to be relevant, valuable, and carry a consistent tone that represents your brand.

Producing content to meet those benchmarks means relying on contributions from team members with expertise related to the content subject matter. Utilizing the expertise of people in different roles in your organization can have unexpected benefits, such as recognizing employees who shine in particular areas.

If an outside source creates your content, find an agency or freelancer willing to understand your organization, goals, and structure. Then allow them access to team members who can provide expert knowledge about the subject matter.

Content marketing is one of the most essential marketing services to grow brand awareness, website traffic, and ultimately, your business. If you don’t know where to start or are less than thrilled with the results you have achieved, Write Solutions offers a full range of content marketing services. We offer blog services, service area pages, and customized subscriptions to allow you to start putting a steady stream of consistent, valuable content on your site.

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