Can Legal Content be Effective in an Oversaturated Market

Content may be the most effective digital marketing tool available, but how well does it work in a highly oversaturated field? Technology and emerging markets are changing the legal sector at an unprecedented rate. These changes are creating marketing challenges for firms of all sizes.

The competitive market of law drives innovation and change, which creates unique opportunities for content marketing. Content is the most valuable digital marketing tool, but it can result in wasted effort or even damage when not handled correctly.

How to Stand Out in a Crowded Legal Market

Marketing is a broad term, and you should think of it as a toolbox where you store every available tool to be used when needed. Know your long-term strategy and goals, and then devise a plan, but don’t forget that the plan will need to be flexible to keep pace with the lightning-fast changes in the digital realm.

The following steps will help set your content marketing efforts apart from the competition, drive traffic, and, most importantly, promote increased conversions.

Define your brand

Every marketer has heard it time and time again, but your brand’s story should be woven through every piece of content associated with the firm. From email newsletters to service area pages, the focus should always be on producing high-quality content that builds trust and remains true to the firm’s brand.

Identify your competitive advantage and flaunt it

Establish the firm’s leadership position, such as innovation, customer experience, the quality of services, qualifications, or customer experience. Define the areas where the firm excels above the competition and create a cohesive content strategy that tells that story.

Approach tired topics from a new angle

When certain types of content perform well, it can be a tempting SEO-driven strategy to follow the crowd. Avoid the temptation. Every personal injury attorney with a website has a blog about “What to do if You are Injured in a Vehicle Accident.” There are plenty of people looking for that information, but finding it on your site will not drive conversions or help SEO unless you do it differently than it has been done before.

Using the above example, consider a better title, such as “The Top Ten Mistakes People Make After a Car Accident” or “The Worst Mistakes You Can Make After a Car Accident.” Follow through on what the title promises, then include a section that tells people what they should do. The same principle works in every area of law. Your content should stand apart from that of the competition in quality, value, and uniqueness.

Create content for a less saturated arena of law

In an overcrowded market, find an area of specialization that isn’t overdone and leverage your expertise to your advantage. Today’s consumers have high expectations for digital content, so make sure your content meets those expectations. Establish your authority in one small area, and then move on to the next. The result will be a highly authoritative site that catches the interest of search engines and consumers.

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I am a freelance writer specializing in content marketing for law firms and other businesses. I also keep my legal skills fresh by working as an on-demand paralegal in the gig economy.

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