Why Do I Need A Legal Writer?

Hiring a legal writer can benefit businesses because these individuals can handle all types of writing assignments. It includes everything from drafting contracts and briefs to editing court filings and creating marketing materials.

Legal writers are incredibly proficient in both the fundamentals of English grammar and usage and the stylistic and mechanical aspects of writing. They have a thorough knowledge of the law and how the courts interpret it and can write in a way that judges, attorneys, and others who read the law can understand.

The Benefits of Hiring a Legal Content Writer for Your Law Firm

Law firms that lack time and energy to develop their content are often left with low-quality websites. Hiring a legal content writer is an affordable way to add meaningful content to your website. They will help you create more explicit, easier-to-read legal content and improve client satisfaction.

Expert Knowledge

Although you may have attended law school and can write a competent legal brief, this is not the same as creating an effective e-newsletter or an interesting blog post. Legal content writers perform these tasks daily and know the language that will best entice visitors to your website and bring in new customers.

The legal content creators at Write Solutions are aware of the legal nuances, and their legal writing reflects this.

Responsive Website Content

Your company’s website serves as its first point of contact for many potential customers. It concisely and engagingly transmits the information your audience is looking for. Hiring a professional content writer ensures that your website conveys the message and information you desire, resulting in a more professional product when customers click through to your page.

Content marketing professionals will also ensure that essential pieces of the SEO puzzle, such as keyword optimization, alt text for images, and meta descriptions, are complete and adequate.

The opportunity to hire qualified content writers and graphic designers is even greater if you produce downloadable content for your websites, such as infographics, marketing eBooks, case studies, and white papers. The ideal scenario is for your customers to download, distribute, and store these resources for later use. Your brand’s reputation and investment are safeguarded by ensuring they are written well.

Concentrate More on Your Legal Practice

Law firms that don’t use a legal content writer frequently rely on their attorneys when creating thought pieces and blog posts. They might do this to cut costs because they believe their attorneys have the necessary industry expertise (unlike generic advertising services that may lack the particular skillset to compose on a topic adequately).

While this practice might reduce short-term marketing costs, it might also limit your chances of making money. The attorneys at your law firm most likely charge by the hour. The time they must devote to creating content for your website is time they could be charging for client work, most likely higher than the money you would save by not hiring a legal content writer.

Save Time & Money

Most lawyers can complete a legal document quickly, but since you’re not used to writing short blog posts, it might take three hours to complete one. You could have spent those three hours reviewing a new case, attending a new client meeting, or attending court. 

At the very least, writing four blog posts per month equates to 12 hours wasted every four weeks. Hiring a writer to complete this writing for you makes more sense. A skilled copywriter can complete it more quickly, and you’ll also save valuable time that you can invest in your law firm.

You lose billing time for clients for each hour you attempt to write legal content. Paying someone else to write your blog, newsletter, or social media post will be less expensive in the long run and will free up time for your company.

Learning Curves Are Unnecessary

Most lawyers know basic content creation concepts, website design, legal marketing, and search engine optimization. When it comes to writing and managing legal content, there is a steep learning curve compared to what your competitors produce daily.

The learning curve can be avoided if you hire a content writer. You might consider hiring an experienced writer for their knowledge and skills, just as your clients hire you for your expertise. You’ll frequently get a sizable return on your investment.

Legal Writers Have Access to High-End Software

When you outsource your content to a legal writer, the writer usually has access to advanced tools and software. By researching and identifying relevant keywords and analyzing your competitors’ results, you can determine what keyword ratio works best for your content. By keeping an eye on keyword changes and hot topics, you can use this information to help improve your website.

Engage Your Target Audience With Content

You’re used to drafting legal briefs, agreements, pleadings, and other legal documents as an attorney. Legal SEO content writing is very different from writing for attorneys. For many lawyers, explaining legal concepts in a way a high school student could understand is difficult.

A typical user will move on to the next website when faced with a lengthy, dull, or complicated blog or webpage. A content writer, on the other hand, knows how to capture a person’s attention and keep it on your website.

A skilled content writer can also simplify a complicated legal concept so your target audience can understand it. They can make you appear approachable, friendly, and conversational in the content. When you’re looking to sign new clients, that can be a tremendous asset.

Having a legal writer on board will make the content for your law firm stand out from the competition. This will help you stand out to potential customers and Google, and you’ll see the results you want.

If you’d like more information about our content creation and SEO services, contact us now. Our legal digital marketing team would be happy to discuss your requirements.

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I am a freelance writer specializing in content marketing for law firms and other businesses. I also keep my legal skills fresh by working as an on-demand paralegal in the gig economy.

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